We are Disciples of Christ

That means that we are committed to living like Jesus. That means welcoming ALL- regardless of politics, gender, education, or race. That means we don’t have it all figured out, but we are trying to be better. That means using our brains to understand and our hands to serve. That means we belong to one another in a real community that has different opinions and perspectives and is constantly growing.

If you are new to the area or looking for a place to fully belong and learn more about following Jesus, we welcome you to join us on the journey- look through this site to find out more about who we are!

Questioning Jesus

In Plato’s Apology, he quotes Socrates as saying that “an unexamined life is not worth living”. This insight acknowledges the humanness of critical thinking, doubt, and questioning to grow. We ask questions and debate opinions in every facet of our life and religion is no different, yet the subject is out-of-bounds to many and it can be difficult to know where to take honest questions to understand deeper.

We believe that the decisions about faith are some of the most important in our life, so we do not treat them lightly. They are more than family tradition, national allegiance, or emotional responses. They require deep thinking and reflection.

When we read the gospels (the first four books of the New Testament), we see over and over that Jesus’ teaching was in response to the questions that people brought to him. He is not afraid of skepticism or doubt– he welcomes it! The rest of the New Testament is comprised of leaders in the early church responding to questions they face about how to live a life that models Jesus. Even within these answers, there is difference of opinion, room for interpretation, and different perspectives. There is not only one right way to understand God and respond in faith!

At First Christian Church of Fullerton, we want to live in a community that faces tough questions and find answers in the life and teaching of Jesus. We come from a variety of backgrounds and opinions on every topic, but a common thread in our diversity is that we are on a journey together to live as Disciples of Christ and understand more about ourselves, our community, and our world. Wherever you are on that journey, you are welcome here.

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A Church for Downtown Fullerton

Sunday Schedule

8:00am – Casual service, with discussion format and communion
10:15am* – Blended service with music, homily, and communion
1:00pm* – Spanish-language service with our sister church, Casa de Oracion
4:30pm* – Bible study discussion groups
5:30pm – Community Meal
6:30pm* – Contemplative Service, based in reflection and experiential components
*Childcare available